yin yoga training

saturday, november 23rd, 9:00am - 8:00pm 


 Everyone is welcome to take this advanced Yin Study! Learn how to create a home practice that will bring you relaxation, calm, and incredible results.

This day-long training is open to everyone, from those who simply want to learn more about the yin practice to yoga teachers looking for Continuing Education.

Tentative Schedule
Morning: Discussion, what is yin, lecture, take a class
Afternoon: Dive deeper into your understanding of Yin practice. You will learn the purpose and benefits of yin (yin philosophy), appropriate sequencing, class construction, and delivery for yin yoga practices, a survey of yin yoga postures (intention, props, modifications, and alternatives) and leave understanding what makes yin yoga different (and so amazing). This training will teach yoga instructors to confidently and safely lead yin yoga practices.

Students will have an hour for both lunch and dinner breaks.

For those seeking a certification (at-home completion (non-contact hours):

If you would like to obtain a certification with this training, you will need to have completed a 200-hour YTT program and will complete an after-training 4 hours of creating and teaching two yin practices.
1 - Design 2 Yin Yoga classes
2 - Teach 2 Yin Yoga classes (this can be to a group or a private session)
3 - Write a reflection regarding your creation and teaching of these two classes. Submit this to Amy for completion.
Email class plans and final reflection to Amy at info@heartworkyoga.com

Required text:
The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark
Available on Amazon: https://goo.gl/cprGLL
Certificate will be conferred by Amy Machacek Shonka
This certification counts for 12 continuing study hours. 9 contact hours & 4 non-contact hours for Yoga Alliance. To gain certification, you will need to have completed a 200-hour (or greater) YTT program from HeartWork or another YA registered school.

Fee: $195