Andrea's Yoga Story: JOY + EMBODIMENT

There is more joy in the small things in life. No one can steal that kind of joy if it’s grounded in things that are true.
— ANDREA, 2019 Heartwork Training Grad

In 2005, I was a member of a gym in Colorado and was intrigued with yoga. I attended a class and though not instantly "hooked" I knew it was something I wanted to know more about. A few years later I went to another class at an actual studio with a friend (for a hot yoga class) and while it was so intense, I just felt amazing afterwards.

I loved the movement with the music, the focus on the simple act of breathing deeply and how much it can enhance different areas of your life. In the beginning, it was mostly noticing improvement in the asanas and how my body looked physically.

As I have aged, it's more about the relationships I invest in and my personal belief system - how I look and how much I achieve in a yoga class is definitely not my main priority (a nice side benefit I guess!)

My body feels better and stays pain-free and my mind tends to wander less and I'm overall more aware of my surroundings.

There is more joy in the small things in life. No one can steal that kind of joy if it's grounded in things that are true.

Though involved in fitness through personal training and group instructing other class formats, I knew yoga was on my short list of career goals. It had always been on my radar to do a RYT200 and God allowed the time and money aspects to merge at the same time for me to join an amazing group of teacher trainers.

Teacher training was transformation for me because of the deep focus on other areas of your life that you think are not affecting you... those open loops that need to be closed. The ability to step out of my comfort zone and embrace being vulnerable...

If you have doubts, you are not alone. You are one with us already.

It is scary, challenging, and a financial investment but all things worthwhile are all these things and more. You will not find a better school where everyone is so dedicated and invested in your journey - and the connection to other human beings in this type of setting is truly unmatched. If there are questions as to why you've come this far in thinking about it, you have already come this far.

So...move forward. It is time.


Andrea is a wife and mother to 2 boys, 7 and almost 4 -- Bikes, trucks, dirt, frogs, diggers and worms are very familiar to her. She loves riding her road bike (both alone and with family) and aspire to mountain biker. She enjoys downhill skiing, love snow and all things winter and love lifting heavy things (namely my kids) but also lifting weights -- when inside, she spends most of her time cooking, baking or doing laundry. Her family loves gardening and spending time outside with their boxer, Atlee.

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