living your yoga,
off the mat

a 200hour advanced yoga study & teacher training program

At HeartWork, we are firm believers in carrying the practice of yoga with us off the mats. We hope you do the same.

Our Advanced Yoga Study & Teacher Training program is no different. The deepest roots of this program are held in the Yamas and Niyamas- a practice of changing our life and perspectives so that we can move forward with grace. Our 200 hour Yoga Alliance accredited program is designed to give students a transformative experience. It’s filled with intention, heart-seeking, confidence building, and self-reflection.

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Are you ready? To weave the beauty of your time on your mat into the rest of your life.? To learn how to take those peaceful, calm, and focused moments you feel at the end of your class and keep them longer and more often? To really learn how to LIVE your yoga practice?

Maybe you want to teach this practice to others. Perhaps you just want to integrate this lifestyle into your own existence. 

Whatever desire has brought you here, know this. You will be so glad you took this step.

Over a decade ago, we started our Advanced Yoga Study/Yoga teacher training school with the desire to help others learn how to live their yoga practice. With over 450 graduates having completed our incredible program, we celebrate in the lives that have been changed.

What makes us unique is the deep way we teach you how to integrate the 8-limbs of yoga into your own life. 

We feel in order to change your own life or the lives of others, you need to first know how to apply yogic living to your own life. That is the foundation of this program.

Our exceptional 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training School will impact every facet of your life. It is so much more than just learning to practice and teach poses. You will dive deep into what your focus is at this point in your life (your sankalpa), you will learn how to create deep, connected relationships with others and with yourself (the Yamas and Niyamas). You will learn how to calm your mind down, how to concentrate and even meditate. Additionally, you will learn how to let go of the old situations in your life that keep showing up, how to increase your vitality and energy, and even how to take care of yourself on a soulful level.

We also break down the postures and rebuild them in a detailed way so you understand the intricate details. This will help both you and others you may teach to understand them more deeply.

Upon completion of our program, you will feel well-trained to teach, understand the 8-limbs of yoga, and how to live them in your daily life. You will have developed a deeper practice, a better understanding of yourself, and lasting relationships with fellow students.

Why wait to more deeply LOVE your life?
— Jodi, 2019 training graduate
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learn how to live your yoga off the mat
integrative learning in our beautiful studio
beautiful historic river town to explore
a manual you can refer to for years and online resources
email support each month
a weekend schedule created for adult learners with a combination of moving, sitting, small-group work, and activities
take classes at the studio from exceptional teachers
develop close meaningful relationships with your fellow
classmates and with the teachers
program licensed by the State of Minnesota
Yoga Alliance accredited training school


history, philosophy, and evolution of yoga
deep knowledge of asana (postures) of Hatha yoga
art and science of sequencing a class
principles of anatomy taught by a physical therapist/yoga teacher
how to observe bodies to know how to adjust postures
informed use of props to improve or modify a posture
cultivating your voice as a teacher
verbal and hands-on adjustments
confidence-building through practice teaching
yoga history and philosophy
pranayama (breathing techniques)
meditation and visualization

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 our upcoming session

FALL 2019 - SPRING 2020

October 11 – 13
November 8 -10
December 6 – 8
January 3 – 5
January 31 – February 2
March 6 – 8
April 3 – 5

Friday: 5pm - 9:15pm
Saturday: 8:30am - 8:15pm
Sunday: 8:30am - 6:00pm

details & registration


Pay in full by the first day of class to save $200 over the payment plan price.

Deposit: $400
Total: $2,940


EIGHT installments of $342.50 during each month of teacher training.

Deposit: $400
Total: $3,140 

The cost of books is not included in the base cost. Books are to be purchased separately by the student prior to the start date. A list of books is given upon registration. Approximate price of books: $75

BONUS! For 7 months, from October-April, you have the option to have unlimited yoga classes for $49 per month.
Register for this contract directly through Amy or Jianna.


training scholarship

A generous donor is again offering to cover 100% of the tuition of one student who demonstrates a deep desire to do the program but is unable to register due to financial reasons.

This scholarship can be used for the fall 2019 - spring 2020 program. The recipient will need to purchase their own books. Applications are due by July 1st. Follow the link below to apply.