Located in the heart of a historic river town, HeartWork is a yoga + barre studio that offers over 30 classes every week. We aim to offer experiences that go beyond a physical practice, and give tools to weave mindfulness into your everyday life.



We believe the practice of yoga is for everybody. Classes at our studio are approachable and thoughtful.

HeartWork offers classes for all levels, so you’ll always find a class that is just right for you.


Barre is a low impact method that is designed to strength and tone a through isometric strength training with high reps of small range-of-motion.


We focus on teaching students how to live the 8 limbs of yoga. Because we believe that when you know how to live them, you are equipped to teach them to others. Take a chance on your own transformation.

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Nov 23 - Yin Study & Training
Dec 21 - Yoga Into Darkness: a Winter Solstice Practice

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start somewhere

We all begin somewhere, often before we feel we are ready. Heartwork strives to offer approachable and embodied classes for all levels of practitioners.

Unsure where to begin?

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